• Start out with a nice new sketch!
  • Then, you may or may not color in you're colorful picture!
  • Then, post you're beautiful picture on this wiki so everyone may see!

Welcome to the Wiki!

The Sketching Wiki is for all you sketching fans out there! Whether its computer sketching or sketching in real life! I'd love to have you join the Sketching Wiki!


Wiki News!

  • July 26th, 2011: LukaCat created the Sketching Wiki!
  • August 15th, 2011: We reached 3 vandals on the sight.


  • No swearing whatsoever!
  • No vandalism.
  • No OMG.
  • All sketches posted must be made by the poster.
  • No posting sketches that aren't yours.
  • No sexual sketches.

User Board


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